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HR Development

Our team of experience HR Professionals; help in preparing Job Designing, Job Description, Recruitment & Selection Process. Furthermore, we also assist to get results form your man power and keep their performance increasing; (more…)

Business Consultancy

Old & outdated processes bring inefficiency, increase cost & workload on employees that eventually leads to production and operational losses. On the other hand, soaring costs and competition eventually effect PROFITABILITY. Companies have to design new products (more…)

Information Technology

www has change the business dynamics. At the same time it address the following issues:

Designing and Development Tools are outdated on Technical grounds Web Site fulfill the future requirements. (more…)


Consulting 360 helps you to implement accounting system with the help of state of the art accounting software.  It will keep record of  all income and expenses incurred on business that eventually help you to take prudent financial decision. (more…)


Due to lack of business knowledge and effective marketing skills, companies are unable to fulfill the demands of their customers. Companies neither design proper marketing strategies nor they properly BRAND their products. Consulting 360 design your: (more…)

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